OBH Council Position Statements

Position Statements from the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council.

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council Member Programs Statement

April 17, 2024

Rights and Responsibilities The Outdoor Behavioral Health Council (OBH Council) was established to provide a collaborativeorganization for Outdoor treatment programs that were and continue to be eager to refine best practicein this nascent and evolving field. The OBH Council is committed to treatment approaches that arereflective of standards of practice in the treatment of mental,…

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Best Practices Position Statement

February 27, 2024

At OBHC Programs, we embark on a journey of continuous improvement, driven by a commitment to providing a transformative outdoor behavioral health experience for individuals and families. Our practices are not just rooted in dedication but are substantiated by research, ensuring that every aspect of our programs aligns with the latest findings in the field.…

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OBH Council Transport Position Statement

December 30, 2022

The Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council (OBH Council) was established to provide opportunities for leading outdoor behavioral healthcare (OBH) programs to work together to advance the field through better practices and innovation, effective treatment, and evidence-based research. Today, the OBH Council is made up of 19 member programs, all of which are required to hold outdoor…

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Position Statements from the Outdoor Behavioral Health Council.