Commemorative WTS Posters

Handmade Block Print Posters by Mike Petree

For the past few years, Mike Petree has created a poster to commemorate our Wilderness Therapy Symposiums (WTS). All proceeds are a contribution to the OBH Council and support the work that we do. Since 2021, Mike has created a poster that reflects an element of life: water, fire, air and earth.

The WTS posters are made, by hand, using a “block print” process. Each color layer is carved using woodcutting gouges and knives, into a “block”, in this case made from expanded foam PVC. Editions are limited as each layer requires the destruction of the previous layer rendering a reprint impossible. Each poster is titles, numbered, and signed by the artist, Mike Petree.

The 2023 Asheville WTS print “Earth” is the fourth in a four-part series that is preceded by “Fire”, “Water” & “Air”.

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