OBH Article Highlight

USA Lacrosse Magazine may be an unexpected place to find an article about Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare and substance abuse recovery and yet that’s just what you’ll find in  Into the Wilderness: How Ben Wayer Got Sober and Back Into the Game. This article highlights how a collegiate athlete took some time in wilderness and sober living to make much needed changes and learn more about himself.  Wayer returned to college an improved athlete with new skills off the field as well. “Wayer said he believes he’s much better at connecting with people on a deeper level, empathizing with them, having conversations that go beyond the surface level.”

It can be difficult to find published stories being told from the perspective of clients who had positive and transformative experience in outdoor behavioral healthcare programs and this article is not only that but an excellent indication of why that is.  Many young people who experience the life changing effects of outdoor behavioral healthcare go on to live happier and healthier lives.