The OBH Council is actively seeking the support and engagement of individuals and organizations that value our commitment to safety and excellence.

Friends of the OBH Council

We value the spirit of collaboration and learning, and believe collectively with our member programs and friends of the Council, we can achieve a standard of safety and excellence that benefits the field of outdoor behavioral healthcare and those served.

The Friends of OBH Council program is for those who do not qualify for full OBH Council membership because they are not, by definition, an Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare program, yet desire to support the OBH Council mission and participate in OHB Council meetings and functions. Some examples of Friends are solo practitioners, transportation companies, insurance agencies, food service companies, wilderness equipment companies, support groups and foundations, etc.

For more information about the program and how to formally collaborate with the OBH Council, please email us at Subj: Friends of the OBH Council.