Wilderness Therapeutic Guide with Elements Wilderness Program

Elements Wilderness Program, a locally-owned and operated wilderness therapy program specializing in therapeutic expeditions for teen and adult clients struggling with difficult challenges and life circumstances, is looking for an outdoorsy people-person to take on the role of Field Mentor. We operate in the scenic San Rafael Swell (fall, winter, and spring seasons) as well as along the Wasatch Plateau (summer months). Elements is a backpacking program with adventure activities (rock climbing, rappelling, mountain biking, SUPing, fly-fishing, etc.) facilitated every 1-2 weeks. This position will work closely with the Field Directors, Primary Therapists, Medical Coordinator, Adventure Programming Facilitators, and Logistics Manager. This is a perfect position for someone looking to pursue a career in mental or physical wellness. Field Mentors begin as Apprentices and assist with expedition logistics, mentoring clients, outdoor activities, adventure activities, and medical treatment in order to create a meaningful and valuable experience for our clients.

Elements offers a supportive and nurturing work environment with the opportunity to develop and grow from Apprentice to Instructor to Assistant Group Lead to Group Lead and beyond. We value our employees and provide the training and resources they need to succeed in their present (and future) career. Our workplace culture values assertive communication and giving (and receiving) feedback. This is a workplace rich with learning and you will grow both professionally as well as personally. Our goal is to be one of the best employers you ever work for. 

This is a unique schedule where Field Mentors work 8 days straight for 15+ hours a day followed by 6 days off. The position provides direct care in a backcountry setting to clients with acute mental, emotional, and behavioral healthcare needs. We provide an 8 day intensive training where we teach you our therapeutic modalities, outdoor living skills, group management techniques, expedition logistics, adventure activities, and much more. Furthermore, your first 24 days of employment will be an on-the-job apprenticeship to provide continued training and experience to prepare you for the position.

If you love people, enjoy spending most of your time outdoors, and can see yourself doing this for at least a year, we encourage you to apply.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Assist and provide support in welcoming, orienting, and mentoring clients throughout their experience with Elements.
  • Perform all tasks related to ensuring clients are participating in, and receiving the maximum benefit from, their therapeutic activities, assignments, and group work.
  • Assist and participate in all tasks related to teaching outdoor activities and low-impact camping in order to provide a positive experience for clients and team members.
  • Perform a variety of first aid and medical tasks to ensure the physical health and wellness of clients.
  • Coordinate and/or perform all tasks related to expedition logistics including client self-care, meals, coordinating supplies, and managing equipment.
  • Perform all administrative tasks related to guiding expeditions, client wellness, and program activities. 

Skills & Requirements

  • 1+ years of teaching, coaching and/or mentoring kids or young adults, preferred
  • 1+ years of camping/outdoor experience, preferred
  • 1+ years in the hospitality, restaurant or customer service professions, preferred
  • Ability to lift and carry 55+ lbs
  • Ability to walk up to 10 miles/day
  • Ability to acquire backpacking gear (backpack, sleeping bag & pad, tarp, hiking boots, clothing to keep you comfortable in all types of weather, headlamp, etc.)
  • Outstanding at building rapport and trusting relationships
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Ability to provide and accept feedback
  • Ability to think clearly under pressure
  • Ability to administer medical monitoring and treatment 
  • Ability to be aware of surroundings 24/7
  • Ability to drive to Huntington, UT in all types of weather
  • At least 20 years old
  • High School Diploma/GED Required
  • Pass Utah and FBI background checks
  • Pass pre-employment physical and drug screening

The Ideal Candidate will have the following characteristics:

  • Grit/mental fortitude
  • Empathetic and compassionate
  • Attention-to-detail
  • Strong desire to learn and grow
  • Positive attitude
  • Reliable
  • Confidential & Trustworthy
  • Creative
  • Fun-loving
  • Personable

Day-to-Day Expectations

  • Shifts start on Tuesday at 9am and end the following Tuesday at approximately 8pm. 
  • The work day in the field starts about 8am and ends about 11pm. 
  • Our base is in Huntington, UT which is about 2 hours south of Salt Lake City and about 2 hours NW of Moab, UT. 
  • Staff must have reliable transportation to get to Huntington by 9am on the Tuesday their shift starts.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Wage range is $175/day to $240/day ($36,400 to $49,920 a year)
  • Up to $1,100 in other bonuses the first year of employment
  • 16 days of Paid Time Off each year
  • Training Stipend of $500 on first check
  • First Aid/CPR and/or WFR Training Paid by Elements
  • Gear Lending Library (you can borrow gear from us that you don’t own yet)
  • Temporary Housing available in Huntington for first three off-shifts
  • Lodging and Kitchen in Huntington available the night before and after every shift
  • Medical, Dental & Vision after one month of employment
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Professional Certification & Development Funding
  • Pro-deals with multiple outdoor gear and apparel companies